Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Grommet Large Black is Coming

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Early in the morning, I've been called a tiki in my town, to ascertain whether the package had arrived for me or not, because I've ordered a bag that I had long dreamed of, Michael Kors Selma Large black grommet.
Long before I checked the website everywhere and finally there is an on-line shop that has ready stock, but before I check into the forum fd, whether online shop is reliable or not, because now many are selling fake goods but claimed it was authentic. But my friends said in fd, this online shop is actually selling authentic goods.
Yes I have finally Thursday, July 17th I decided to order the bag, and he will be up at my house on Saturday.
Finally of the morning, I'm very enthusiastic about expecting the package of tiki. But it turns out that afternoon was a new package arrived at my house: D. I open the package it together with my children and my husband. They laugh at my behavior, I was smiling as he opened the package, I actually wanted to scream, but my husband certainly would not buy the bag again, if I'm always screaming every time I buy a bag hehhehe

and this is it... 

ini foto dari web nya, beda banget ya, yang amatir dan profesional hasilnya hehhehe...

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